Episode 26: Coming Changes

This episode is a big change in format and perspective in the Infinity O-12 Podcast. Featuring Kip and Romeo talking about refreshing yourself on Infinity, learning the ITS system and just generally enjoying playing the game.


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Episode 25: Aleph Sectorial – The Assault Subsection

Episode 25 – Aleph Sectorial – The Steel Phalanx

Rumble On Route 66 (March 29 at The Table’s Edge in Amarillo TX)


News & Rumors

Rate the Releases – February:

    • Neoterran Capitline Army Starter Pack (Aquila Guard MULTI-Rifle, Swiss Guard Missile Launcher, Hexa Spitfire, 3x Neoterra Bolts Combi Rifle + Light Shotgun)
    • NeoTerra Bolts Blister (3 with combi + Light Shotgun)
    • Geckos box (2 Combi Rifles, Mk12)
    • Authorized Bounty Hunter
    • Tarik Mansuri
    • Neema Sataar

March New Releases:

  • Jacques Bruant (MRRF, Metro hero holding Mk12. Jean Reno)
  • Sun Tze V1 – resculpt, replacement. Holding a boarding shotgun (new profile)
  • Tomcats Box – Includes current Tomcats (DEP and Engineer) adding Doctor and new Zondcat  (preview on Miniwargaming.com)
  • Daturazi Witch Soldiers – Box of 4. (Preview on Beasts of War)
  • Nagas with Monofilament Mines (had hacker and sniper – this is a more basic trooper)

“Preparing a Big Announcement for April.”

  • FicZone, big Spanish tournament in Granada with 80 players. Will have Seminar with new previews and announcement – Do not miss it, and keep your eyes on Beasts of War.


Faction Focus

Aleph Sectorial – Assault Subsection


Infinity College: 101

New Profiles – Tarik Mansuri, NeoTerra Bolts

Aleph Stuff, and counters (ODD, smoke/zero V, high stats, speed, Enomotarchos multiple links, Achilles, Ajax, Phoenix)

Mines and how to get around them


Final Round-Up

Scarface & Cordelia Shirts: http://warsen.al/search?q=scarface 

Battle Foam Beta Bag: http://us.battlefoam.com/products/Infinity-Beta-Bag-Half-Tray-Load-Out.html

Battle Foam Alpha Bag: http://us.battlefoam.com/infinity-alpha-bag-horizontal-standard-load-out/

Magna Rack: http://us.battlefoam.com/magna-rack-for-cool-mini-or-not-infinity-mantic-bags/

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Episode 24 – Combined Army Sectorials

Episode 24 – Combined Army Sectorials

Hobby Recap

Paradiso Missions 101, 102

Battle For/On/With/At Route 66

Kip’s TempleCon Recap


News & Rumors

 Rate the Releases – January:

Sekban Unit (Boarding Shotgun, Spitfire, AP Rifle, Chain Colt)
Gwailos Heavy Rocket Launcher
Raiden Seibutai Spitfire
Ekdromoi HMG
Scots Guards Unit (AP Marksman Rifle, 2 Submachine Guns, DEP, Molotok)

 February New Releases:

Neoterran Capitline Army Starter Pack (Aquila Guard MULTI-Rifle, Swiss Guard Missile Launcher, Hexa Spitfire, 3x Neoterra Bolts Combi Rifle + Light Shotgun)
Geckos box (2 Combi Rifles, Mk12)
Authorized Bounty Hunter (Max Scorpio with different arms & head)
Tarik Mansuri (Big base, like “Ajax for Haqqislam”)
Neema Sataar (“looks like a female Predator” Tohaa Ectros character)
Carlos (Bostria):  “Preparing a Big Announcement for April.”


Faction Focus

Combined Army Sectorials

Morat Aggression Force
Shasvastii Expeditionary Force

Product Spotlight

Scarface & Cordelia T-Shirts - http://warsen.al/products/o-12-podcast-scarface-shirt
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New Warsenal Products – Construction Pallets (8), Construction Barricades (8), Supply Boxes (4), Access Terminals (6), Stasis Coffin (1).

ITS 2014 Pack

                  All the objectives you need for the new 2014 ITS scenarios. Includes:

          • 6 Supply Boxes
          • 5 Communication Arrays
          • 6 Tech Consoles
          • 4 Tracking Beacons
          • 3 Stasis Coffins

This is a massive kit! You get 24 detailed objectives for your tables.
Saves 15% off of buying these pieces separately!


Infinity College: 101

Combined-specific rules

Close Encounters of the Third Kind – Theme (John Williams)


Final Round-Up

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Twitter  https://twitter.com/infinityO12

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Scenes/Snapshots – The End!

The final installment of our Scenes of Conflict/Snapshots From Hell contest. Thanks to everyone who contributed; you guys are awesome!


Josh Patenaude

“We are here today to commemorate the brave and honourable
Yun Wang, of the 32nd Celestial Guard Unit. Through his quick thinking and
ingenious use of the Kuang Shi he managed to save his encampment and his fellow
soldiers during the attacks at Paradiso. Reports have it that many of the rear
guard at the Yu Jing encampments faced constant threat from the Aswuangs night
attacks. Solider causalities were piling up till Yun Wang recommended a counter
strategy. Celestial Guards were swapped out for Kaung Shi as protectors of the
rear guard for their encampments. This proved to be an effective method to
counter Aswuangs attacks. Any Aswuangs attack on the rear guard was met with a
quick detonation of the Kung Shi. This not only lead to the death of any assaulting
Aswuangs but also altered the entire encampment to the approaching threat. This
was only compounded by the moral raise fellow members of the Yu Jin felt with
the death of the traitorous Kung Shi. Yun Wang’s encampment had a significantly
lower casualty rate then surrounded Yu Jin encampments and much of this is
attributed to the efforts of Yun Wang. We now go to talk to the hero in

-A Snippet from a national Yu Jing News report regarding
the Paradiso

also Josh Patenaude

“We are in sector 3, area 12 and we need a medic. I repeat
we NEED a medic. Our platoon has found a lone Montesa knight apparently cut off
from his unit badly wounded in the forest. He says his name is Rick Aimsly and
he has lacerations to his face, left arm and torso. He cannot tell us much,
except that his unit was ambushed a couple of kilometres north of here and that
he is the only one in his group to get away. We are bringing him back to the
forward encampment for first aid but I request an evacuation of this solider
for further medical treatment ASAP!”

-The last recording of
Acontecimento Regular Jake Alberry. When medical staff and soldiers arrive to
provide relief to the forward encampment they found no surviving soldiers. The
encampment’s soldiers had been slaughtered with little resistance.
Investigations have, so far, found little. Investigators have stated that there
is no solider profile of the “injured soldier aka Rick Aimsly”. He simply does
not exist. The closest regiment of
Monstesa knights was over 50 kilometres east of the encampment. Paradiso Report

Tristan Powell

“None of us even saw it coming. One minute the captain was threatening this helpless young woman kneeling in the middle of the road; the next he was laying on the ground with his brains splattered over half the squad and she had simply vanished into thin air.
“The squad fanned out to look for her and triggered two mines she’d planted in the underbrush, killing another five men. More shots rang out from a small rocky outcrop to the left that overlooked the track, killing the Sarge with a round straight through his helmet. It was that very round that hit me in the thigh and put me on my knees, out of the fight.
“The last three guys opened fire on the rocks but she was already gone. They adopted a standard search pattern, but Miles fell to another mine the bitch had hidden near the rocks. Then Jimmy caught a bullet in the chest. Mack panicked and ran into the trees. It was the wrong move as he ran straight at her and she lit him up from boot to helmet with her flame thrower. His screams were the last thing I remember.
“Such horrible screams.”

- Testimony of an OmniCorp mercenary on trial before an Ariadnan War Crimes Tribunal, relating his squad’s contact with Caporal-chef Melusine d’Apringy, 4éme de Chasseurs.


Allen Emlet

“It was only a flesh wound.
I did everything by the book. He was unconscious so I setup the medscan, prepped for first-aid, and injected the site with antiseptic…or was it blood thinner? There was bullets flying everywhere you see so I couldn’t focus! Next thing I know he’s got an arterial bleed. Like oh my god blood was spraying everywhere. I wanted to use a tourniquet but it was a neck wound, so I panicked. Suddenly his stats started flat lining and I knew there was nothing else I could do.
So I moved on to the next patient on the field. I was in luck because it was only a flesh wound.”

Sonia “Doc Feel Good” Jones. After action report by the PanOceanian Trauma-Doc on the skirmish near Silvania. This routine mission saw the Fusilier Lieutenant and three other members of the squad ‘Killed In Action’.  Survivor statements suggest that some deaths happened while under medical care. 

Sean Scott

“We’re cut off from any reinforcement, all lines of communication are down someone seems to be jamming them. We can hear them at night moving through the foliage, something’s coming but we just don’t know what”

Final journal entry of Major Leroy Hespburg, believed KIA during the first Neocolonial war.

Explosions rupture overhead, metal shavings and concrete rubble fly through the air like lethal shrapnel. Movement is tough with most areas locked down by over watch and when the sun fades the worst of the conflict surfaces. Humanoid shapes would slither from the rubble and ruin the only indication of their lack of humanity was their growls and guttural speech. The people of this poor city, which lay in ruins littered with broken bodies and shattered communities, needed a hero. Some fabled warrior to come and rid them of their plight. Little did they know that this hell hole of a city was soon to be graced with an extraordinary presence.

“We couldn’t protect them, it was just so fast. They moved like lighting, hairy fanged lightning. I tried to stop them from getting her but it was no use. Now the offspring will come out tainted. Neither man nor beast, only something horrific. Why can’t we just be allowed to live a normal life! Why did we have to be cursed with this Antipodes? Why us? Why here? Why did they forsake us to this horrible planet.”

Ariadnan citizens account of the horror of the attacks of Antipodes.

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Even More Scenes of Conflict

The next batch of awesome entries.

Ricardo de Pascual

There was smoke everywhere, and we were under fire from positions that had been considered secured only minutes before. Lieutenant Xiao Ping had been taken by one of those bastards, and we were retreating in the most orderly fashion we could. I was there to protect my retreating comrades, giving them as much time as I could, shouting at the top of my lungs for them to be quick about it… And suddenly it all fell silent, and I risked a peek at the now-ruined avenue from which we were retreating. The smoke seemed to part, and there she was, walking up the avenue as if it were a catwalk, with her eyes glowing like lanterns… She seemed to move in slow motion towards me, almost sliding. She looked at me right in the eye and smiled. A thin, lopsided smile like a poisoned knife. Can you imagine what it is to have that… thing smile at you? She… she shouldn’t even have a human mouth! I couldn’t help it. It was the final straw. I dropped my rifle and ran away. I failed the glorious StateEmpire. I know I deserve this.


In light of the subject’s confession of ignominious desertion, I recommend her to be sent to a Kuang-Shi re-education facility, lest her alarmism damage the morale of the troops.

Crane-Rank Agent Wei Yongzheng. Interrogation record of subject Mei Huiling, former Celestial Guard, regarding her reported sighting of Sheskiin in [location classified].

Brian Sherry 

“Bakayarou! Get your head down!” Chui Takeda screamed, as combi-rifle fire raked the cement divider Shinji crouched behind.  Takeda scowled at Shuji.  “Those gaijin aren’t blind, aho!” Shinji was a draftee from Nihon, fighting for his Chinese overlords whether he willed it or not.  “’Keisotsu butai’, my ass.” he thought. “I study agronomics.” Now he was pinned down under fire in a nameless city, an expendable advance guard for the glorious Yu-Jing empire.

 Shinji raised his rifle for a shot, glimpsed a blur of motion in a far window and fired, missing.  “Kuso!” he muttered. Suddenly, he heard a sickening slapping sound and saw the body of Takeda jerk before falling.  Shinji turned and raised his rifle as a monstrous, shimmering blue form rounded the corner. A Cutter TAG! He leaped into cover, expecting to die, as HMG rounds slammed into the pavement behind.

“Shi-ne, bakemono!” Shinji heard booming in his ears. Disbelieving, he opened his eyes in time to see a sleek white demon execute a perfect cut through the abdomen of the PanO TAG with a massive katana.  The blue TAG split in half at the waist, instantly disabled.   Shinji looked up and saw an O-Yoroi TAG of Nihon looking down at him.  “Gambarre, little brother.  Someday we will fight for ourselves again, ne?  Until then, keep your head down.”  The massive TAG strode around the corner, laying down a curtain of fire as it went. “Someday, indeed.” Shinji thought.  He was going to need a new hakama.


„… and then, we saw him running across the field, charging right into the enemy lines. It was inhuman to watch, no man should be able to move that fast and no human should be able to do what he did. You know, the others are frightening too, but he is something terrifying, something entirely different. I guess Aleph is on our side, I guess that’s good. But when you see them fight, you wonder what our role and place in the world will be when this is all over. What room is there for us in a world with them? I am grateful, I’d likely be dead if not for them. But I am also scared shitless.”

Sergeant Guillermo Ramirez, 15th Acontecimento Regulars during the initial interview with field psychologist Reporter Katherine Bailey, twenty hours after being extracted from the field of battle by an Aleph Assault Sub Section Tactical Team lead by Achilles.

Igor Hamzic

The operation went to hell the moment we started disembarking from our transports to take the vitally important sector <reference deleted>. Morat line troops opened fire from prepared positions and destroyed almost half of our transports. While we were forming our battle line Shasvastii infiltrators opened fire from our rear and caught us in a crossfire.

Only the reckless charge of Kum troops that broke the Shasvastii enabled us to retreat to safety. We still lost more than half of our troops and almost two thirds our transports.
Captain Naziri, 33rd Rapid response company “Mu’aqqibat”, Battle for Behdeti, 1st Offensive of Paradiso
JP Meisenberg
I cant even describe what happened today. I was standing guard when the Major came back from his mission to the front, he seemed tired, but I assume fighting for the safety of our world takes it out of you.
Before I could even react the majors expression changed, from exhaustion to hatred. He drew his weapon and began firing into the group of soldiers waiting to process back into the barracks.
Chaos erupted and the next few moments seemed to last forever. His weapon continued to discharge and people slumped to the ground in heaps.
In slow motion I raised my rifle and hesitantly took aim, I could hear myself shouting one last warning to the Major, and in that final breath as I squeezed the trigger I saw a look of helplessness in his eyes, only to to seep away as the rounds impacted his chest and the life fled from his frame.
The next thing I knew we were swarmed by Myrmidon’s they quickly quarantined the remains of the major.
That’s when th whispers started, the battle in the jungle had been against some new threat, and that there were men in battle who had suddenly turned on their allies.
Is this the new face of war? What hope do we have against an enemy that can seize control of our bodies?
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Scenes of Conflict

We got lots of entries for this contest – you guys rock!

Scott Duncan

Infinity: Original Sin.

On a festering rock at the edge of space I know for absolute certainty, I am going to die.

Bones cracked and shattered, a solitary figure looks up to the sky trying one last time to find a glimpse of a shadow against the distant stars.  His home is floating out there, somewhere.  If he could just focus on one of those stars he might be able see his home.  And then it comes back again. The stench of a hundred rotting corpses floods his senses, and the pain starts again.

 The hooded figure always concealed in the darkness, comes for him every night.  He never says a word. The recordings are always the same.  “Who are you?  What are your faction’s defensive capabilities?”  Each word is pieced together from hundreds of different transmissions, repeated in differing languages.  Each time silence in response, each time torture the cost of loyalty for Her.

 “You will die today, Observer.  Humanity’s reckoning is upon you.”  The voice was guttural; the sound could not have been made by a human tongue.  Each syllable accented with pure hate.  As the light shifted, the hooded figure’s face was finally visible after all these months.  “The Combined Army is coming!”

 I have dedicated myself for Her.  Every action, every thought, every breath was all for Her.  All I can do at the end is to look the devil in the eyes and smile.  I am going to die, but it won’t be the last.

Juan Luis Perez Borrego 

“Well Intruder Viktor, you said that music was decisive in the defense of the “Tierra de fuego” orbital station, can you explain why?”

“Check this sound”

“Hmm, strong, rythmic, hard tones…”

“Yeah, that´s it. Artificial gravity was out, every crate and container in the storage

area was floating free, good cover, but they got our comms jammed hard, we
couldn´t coordinate and the stinking morats were hunting us one by one”

“So, how did you get that music playing?”

“Our little sister ; “M.C. Dolorsita” jacked a memory stick on the helmet of a dead Mobile brigada , the mouth piece worked like a boom box, and we all could hear that mix from last krug, yeah, just followed the rhythm , we got our tacticool dance going on…hear that? Da-ba-da-ping-da-ba-da-BOOM, right on, and we would jump from cover and give them some…”

“It has quite a…distinct tribal quality to it”

 “Betcha! Bunch of Corregidor mates, hyped up on righteous vibe, knife fighting distance on 0-G environment, yeah, sure as hell we got tribal on them red apes. And now pass me

another beer, pendejo.”

From the docudrama “Sounds of Battle, music from the frontline in Paradiso”. Now on Oxyd.

Sven Finke

“We were trapped, trapped in the middle of this god forsaken jungle
… no tactical support, no up-to-date or relevant data … our signal
was jammed and our field engineer was lying in his own blood, ripped
apart by some alien weapon. We never saw it coming. After two days in
this heat and humidity they attacked us the first time. We lost half
of our team. They appeared out of nowhere and retreated after minutes.
They vanished in this green hell hole like ghosts and left nine bodies
lifeless on the ground. They killed Delago and Sanchez, our commanding
officers. We never had a chance to retaliate. Damn those aliens! They
will pay …”

Sergeant McGain, sole survivor of team “Pussyfoot”, deep infiltration
into Shasvastii controlled territory. Critical incident stress
debriefing. Second Offensive. Paradiso.

Pat Piechowski

Adam put his head down as the last of the crash coffins hit the ground. The earth shook violently, and some of the building to the right collapsed in a cloud of dust. Adam made a curt gesture with his hand, pointing toward the closest emergency pod. “Assault pattern sif. Move out, jalla, jalla!” he barked into the intercom and vaulted from cover. Crouched, he was moving fast, trying to close the distance to the capsule before any of the competition arrived. His team followed behind him, spreading out, each one of them letting the routine of their training fight off the adrenaline rush. They fell into cover around the drop capsule. Afif, the team’s specialist, entered the universal “all-clear” code into the panel. After fiddling with the hatch for a while, he managed to pry it open. Adam only managed to get a glimpse of the figure inside – humanoid, but not human. Multiple enemy contacts flashed red on Adam’s HUD. “3 Tangos; west!” – he relayed, already training his rifle on the incoming enemy. Squinting, he tried to pierce the darkness. He recognized the approaching dog-like shapes as the slaves the alazhanab would send in droves into battle. He fired, his As Sadayd speaking to the enemy in short, controlled bursts. Adam moved back to the capsule, only to see Afif already injecting the humanoid inside with stimulants to fight off the artificial coma. Inshallah, this was the package they were looking for.

- Rescue operation, EveningStar incident, Septentria, Paradiso

John Benford


“Sweat poured down my brow and trickled into my eyes sending an irritating itch to the tip of my nose. Dam this heat on Paradiso! For four weeks we had been patrolling the jungle, deep in enemy territory, chasing shadows. I looked across the clearing to Sergeant Wren and puffed at his stiff appearance. How could he could crouch so still and remain so focused? A whistle suddenly shrieked above the foliage and a blinding flash of light pierced the sky. Dust spewed up in a tidal wave as a large shell fell right beside me. The shock wave ripped through me and hurled me across a large branch, where upon I skidded to a halt with mud clinging to my face. Delirious and shocked, I raised my head and squinted to see through the thick haze of dust. I looked into the direction of where Sergeant Wren had been, but alas all I could see was a torn black leather boot with smoke slowly wafting up in a lazy arc. Through a chink of light in the bushes ahead, I saw a red mask pointing straight into my direction. Two dark black orbs beamed into my vision….no surely not a demon! not here? An intense pain shot straight through my skull. A screeching noise ripped down my spinal cord and pulsated to the tips of my fingers. My eyes rolled back into their sockets as darkness enveloped all around me.”


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More Snapshots From Hell/Scenes of Conflict

Stu True

“He kept coming forward an’ I couldnae tell whether he were a man or no! So.. BLAM BLAM  I fired warning shots at the ground, ‘Halt!’ I shouted, ‘Identify yersel ya’ bastard!’. Quick as you like, there’s a knee in my back an’ a knife to my throat an’ yer man keeps coming an’ he says,
           “What do you think these stripes are laddie? Seagulls? They mean Sergeant! So that’s Sergeant Bastard to you eh?                 Don’t you bloody fire at me again! Are you bloody deaf Sunshine? I said, ‘SAS returning!’ Right, where’s that shite                             Yevgeny? As it turns oot, ‘Evac is on it’s way’, is russian for ‘walk the bastard way back yersel’!”
“It was Ross an’ all but 1 of his lads. Three weeks in the jungle coming through the Niemandszone.
He broke Major Rospopov’s jaw. The Colonel heard about it. He sent a crate of Caledonian Single Malt to keep him company in lock up for a few days. The Colonel’s note said ‘Sergeant Ross, for true R&R you are needing to be drunk before brawling then being in jail. See you for debriefing in 72 hours.’ So the Cossacks are nae all bad. “
Volunteer Dougie Kirk speaking to Aminifu Adoyo for ‘Connectia’, keeping Nomads linked in on Maya .

Silence fell with the rain outside the Aurora-Dawn.  Hidden thirteen dense jungle filled clicks to the south, Foxtrot Ranger Lamar Jackson continued to chew on his nicotine-lite bar.  Red cracks raced around his eyes itched and burned with a pain of insomnia and histamine.  Somewhere, hidden amongst the earth-tones, Lamar would discover the cause of the virus that ate the will of his fellow abandoned interstellar travelers.  Too many months had disappeared beneath the desperation of salvaging the Aurora-Dawn, the terror of radio silence, and the horror of the virus.  No one was coming to help, no one was coming to save.

Distant shadows moved too quickly as the pale bipod with spiked flesh that pointed back from the smooth skin of its face entered Lamar’s field of vision.  Lamar could feel the sleep leak from his body, adrenaline electrocuting his fingertips, but he must not be seen.   He had to find the alien base of operations.  Breathing with slow exaggerated breaths, the foxtrot ranger inched forward along the ground.

Three hours of bloody thorns and insect stings later, the alien camp became visible.  White structures in groupings of three littered the campsite.  A new batch of infected humans ambled their way past Lamar’s position.  Nervous indecisions tightened across his muscles, but this opportunity necessitated action.   He had to pass as infected… and hope his captures did not notice his satchel of d-charges.

Michael King

 “The one thing that you have to understand about me is that, I happen to man of honor and this little “adventure” can happen one of two ways. We can either do this the simple way where we both shoot at each other until one of us is a bleeding mess on the floor and nobody wants that. However we can settle this, what’s the word…sportmanslike. We both put down our guns and try to kill each other like civilized people. Or I can just shoot you now, your call…”

Nathaniel Corimont, Authorized Bounty Hunter.  It should be noted that the convict of prison ship, Theta K-421, surrendered peacefully after being presented with “options”.

also Michael King

“No paperwork…No paper trail. That has got to be hands down the best part of working for those Bakunin. Sure some of their requests are, odd, but they always foot the bill. I mean there was this one time they literally handed me ten thousand credits to hack some obscure mainframe and upload a virus. Shut down half of the shows on Maya. Oh man…that was by far the easiest money I’ve made in years…I’m sorry, what did you say your name was?”

Toby Riggs, computer analyst.  Last seen leaving Old Glory Tavern, where reports confirm that he was seen leaving in the company of a woman. Eye witnesses claim that there was something unnatural about her skin. Further investigations revealed that Riggs never made to his hotel room that night. The investigation of his disappearance is still ongoing.

Thys Van Zyl

The sky looks perfectly blue with picturesque clouds drifting through my field of view. Seems wrong somehow, discordant with the hammering of small arms fire clawing at the calm of the early afternoon. I can feel the grass below my shoulders and back cradling the red stain slowly seeping into the earth. Peripherally I can see pieces of red mingling with the brown of broken earth where the grass has been torn up.

No, don’t look at that.

Have to hold on just a bit.

A cloud looking like a large dog drifts overhead and draws my view away from the earth cradling my vaporized lower intestine. I smile, imagining Sergeant Furtan. “Suck it up soldier!”  My right arm sags a bit and I jerk reflexively. Panicked. The agony overrides the numbness and shoves a hot metal spear through my abdomen. I moan softly and clench my hand.

Just hold on a little longer.

The footsteps are in short bursts. Eight or ten steps and then a pause. I strain as I hear the approach.

 Almost here, just hang on a little longer.

The shadow falls over me blocking out the light as the Seed Soldier stares down at me with his face in shadow, haloed by the sun.

I smile and let go.

The enigmatic alien stares down at the dying human. Why is it smiling? The right hand opens and the Seed soldier has a moment of disbelieving outrage as the fragmentation grenade blows him into the air.

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Snapshots From Hell – more contest entries

The next five entries!

Ivan Ivanov

-These soldiers, they are not simple human right? Simple humans are cowards in blue or orange cloths. They are escaping when we show them our full force, whe we show them what means to be the morat. They can not be one of your kind. They are strong, hardened fighters, it’s hard to kill them. They decimated my unit and slaughtered our reiforfcements and brought me to their troops and now I’m here. I haven’t seen their faces, but they weared weardy helmets with mirorlike golden visors. I have seen only one face, he was one of their commanders and his helmet was broken. I remeber what i saw in his eyes, he wasn’t happy or scared, he hated us all. If all of your soldiers were like them we could take as much land on Paradiso, as need for our graves…

Interrogation of object 14A54 (morat gunnery sgt) about hassassin bahram activety, Prison Of Satory.

Terry Barlin

Playing in Paradiso

Sheskiin’s light green body sweltered from exertion. Her twin hearts pounding a rhythmically as she allowed her deceased target’s genetic code to flow into her malleable form. She drew on her Cadmus-Naish training to quickly calm herself. Infiltrating such a well-guarded fortress, in this most sacred and safe Pan Oceanian sanctuary, surrounded by hundreds of over confident humans was exhilarating.

Her victim lay sprawled in his austere bed. Blood from his severed head turning the crisp sheets into a banner of crimson death. It seemed to Sheskiin that his hastily discarded uniform and armor, still lying in a heap on the floor, were almost mocking him in their uselessness. How many times had they protected him in battle?

As soon as she was satisfied with her transformation she lay the incriminating katana across the corpse—and began to laugh.  Not quietly like one would expect an intruder to chuckle, but loudly like the Chocan striders she used to hunt on Kiplon when such things still gave her pleasure. Her cackling echoed off the roughhewn walls of the Montesa Knight’s sparse sleeping quarters as she made for the door. She was sure the EI would be most pleased with her handiwork. After all, it wasn’t really work.  Who didn’t love playing in Paradiso?


Andrew Green

“This is our planet and we will keep it for our kith and kin.  Leave now and you will live, stay and you will share in his fate.  This is our planet and we know it well.  We know it’s every nook, every cranny, every shadow.  You cannot win when the land itself is on our side.  This is your only warning, leave now or die, for we are the ghosts in the night, we are the wolves at your door and if you stay we shall be your deaths.”

Note discovered alongside the body of Captain Calivari of the Jade Viper Mercenary Company contracted to the Pan-Galactic Mining Corporation.  Calivari was discovered with his throat slit inside his personal tent.  Apart from a further two dead sentries there was no other sign of intrusion.  Intelligence suggests the murder be attributed to the Special Ariadnan Service.  Pan-Galactic have refused the Jade Vipers permission to withdraw insisting that the ‘backward locals’ possess no serious threat.

Thys Van Zyl

The rhythmic thud, thud, thud accompanied the small avalanche of concrete and mortar tumbling down on Finnean. The machinegun slugs were screaming in and chewing up the wall he was sheltering behind. ”Join the Highlanders they said, it will be an adventure they said” Finnean growled under his breath while trying to keep the dust out of his eyes. He glanced back at the red smears and assorted chunks of meat that until thirty seconds ago had been the balance of his squad. Shit. This was a mess. If he stayed here he was hamburger, if he moved he’d be target practice. Bloody shotgun was useless.

He shifted to peak around the corner and jerked his head back just in time to avoid the curtain of lead scouring the concrete. “Thunk-click-thunk”.

Finnean had a fierce grin slashing through his beard as he bounded over the wall, the sound of the empty ammo hopper echoing in the sudden silence. He could hear the gravel crunch with each bounding step as his feral scream sounded in slow motion in his ears. His whole world narrowed down to the end of the barrel as the O-Yoroi reloaded. The “clunck” as the hopper seated was deafening. He launched a last bounding stretch. “Dunk”. The grenade seating in the front of the barrel gave a hollow thump before the first round impacted it as Finnean burrowed into the ground.

Yu Jing Command post.

Control we have catastrophic failure on O-Yoroi Delta13.

Roger that.


Bertus Flemming

Day 6

I’m tired. My food rations were finished two days ago, my water, this morning. Yet still the Combined Army scouts harass my position. I must hold. I must not let them through.

 I’ve shot nearly twelve of their number in five days, but in the last push, I got wounded. It hurts. And the wound has started to smell. They were almost too many. I’m sure they know where I am now. But I can’t move.  I must not let them through.

Besides, I am too weak. I see movement.  I must hold.

Last entry of a diary found on the mutilated body of a Nisse sniper from Svalarheime.



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Campaign: Paradiso Mission 102

Mission 102 is Activation and Triangulation. There are five objectives, arranged like the pips of a die. Step one is to approach one, and obtain your activation sequence. This tells you in which order you must activate each techno-device (there are 4 different patterns).

Since Tom won Mission 101, he was allowed to choose his Activation Sequence, and automatically received the 1 Objective Point (OP) for “discovering” it. He chose sequence 2-1-3-5, which kept him safe near his own deployment zone for as long as possible.

Kip won the Deployment roll and chose Initiative. Knowing his Sequence before deployment, Tom could set up his specialists near his starting point.

Remember, the same model must complete the activation sequence. If they go down, another specialist (Engineer/Hacker) has to go get the data from their corpse before continuing the sequence.

Tom – Tohaa


GROUP 1 (Regular: 10/Irregular: 0):

  • KUMOTAIL Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (22)
  • MAKAUL Heavy Flamethrower, Zero-V Smoke Grenades / Pistol, Viral CCW. (15)
  • SAKIEL Spitfire / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 24)
  • KUMOTAIL Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (22)
  • MAKAUL Heavy Flamethrower, Zero-V Smoke Grenades / Pistol, Viral CCW. (15)
  • ECTROS Vulkan Shotgun, Nanopulser / Pistol, CCW. (46)
  • GAO-RAEL Sniper Rifle / Pistol, CCW. (1 | 37)
  • HATAIL (WIP14, Engineer, Doctor) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (12 | 6XP)
  • KAMAEL Lieutenant Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (12)
  • CHAKSA SERVANT Hedgehog Weapon. (3)
  • GAO-TARSOS HMG / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 40)

GROUP 2 (Regular: 3/Irregular: 0):

  • CHAKSA AUXILIAR (Neurocinetics, 360º Visor) HMG / Pistol, CCW. (1 | 25)
  • CHAKSA AUXILIAR (Baggage, Sensor) Heavy Flamethrower / Pistol, CCW. (10)
  • KAMAEL Combi Rifle + Light Grenade Launcher / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 17)

6 SWC | 300 Points

The army again centers around the two objective-grabbing Fireteams of Kumotail/Makaul/Fire Support – one Sakiel, one Ectros. One was positioned on my right flank to easily start my sequence, starting the game hidden inside a building a single move action away from the first Objective.  The second team was on the left of center, ready to pick up the pieces of the first Specialist if she went down while grabbing any of the first three objectives.

Gao Rael again was their to lend Fire Support, with his Visor countering ALEPH ODD.  This time, my Hathail SpecOps (Doctor, Engineer, +1 WIP) was in support, with a slaved Chaksa Servant prone next to the Sniper.

Gao Tarsos HMG was taken to hopefully whittle down any Enomotarchos teams before he went down (spoiler: the link team guys made ALL their armor rolls, but he did wipe out Kip’s 2 speedy Specialists that started his Sequence…).

Add in the Baggage Chaksa, the Neurocinetics HMG Chaksa, and a Kamael with LGL (never fired a shot…) for the second group.


Kip – Steel Phalanx


GROUP 1 (Regular: 10/Irregular: 0):

THRASYMEDES (Fireteam: Enomotarchos) Submachine gun, Light Rocket Launcher, Nanopulser, Flash Grenades / Pistol, Shock CCW. (0.5 | 29)
THORAKITES Spitfire, Nanopulser / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 23)
THORAKITES Submachine gun, Chain Rifle, Flash Grenades / Pistol, Knife. (13)
THORAKITES Engineer Combi Rifle, Nanopulser, Flash Grenades, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (20)
YUDBOT Electric Pulse. (3)
EKDROMOS Hacker (Hacking Device) Chain Rifle, Nanopulser / Pistol, DA CCW. (0.5 | 34)
THAMYRIS Hacker (Hacking Device) Marker, Nanopulser / Assault Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 29)
PROBOT (EVO Repeater) Electric Pulse. (0.5 | 13)
LAMEDH Rebot Electric Pulse. (8)
NETROD Electric Pulse. (4)
NETROD Electric Pulse. (4)

GROUP 2 (Regular: 4/Irregular: 0):

PHOENIX Lieutenant Heavy Rocket Launcher, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (2 | 44)
MYRMIDON (Chain of Command) Boarding Shotgun, Nanopulser, Zero-V Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (1 | 39)
MYRMIDON Chain Rifle, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (16)
MYRMIDON Chain Rifle, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (16)

6 SWC | 295 Points

For this Mission I had to randomly roll for my sequence, so that had a big effect on my specialist choices and deployment.  I tried to maximize my “Specialist Order Pool” (Group one) while maintaining a secondary fire support team that was effective at a small number of orders(Group 2).

Since Repeaters/Servants can be used in this mission I wasted no time adding in a Yudbot (6-4 Mov w/ Mimetism) and a Lamedh Rebot (6-6 Mov w/ Mimetism).  The Yudbot was used by Thorakitia Engineer, and the Lamedh Rebot was used by my Thamyris Hacker.   This mission requires you to move across a lot of fire lanes, so I added an Ekdromoi Hacker in as a back up.  His AD:Combat Jump would allow me to quickly retrieve the sequence from a fallen bot no matter where they fell.  The Bots were placed in close proximity to each of the consoles at the corners of my deployment zone, one on the left and one on the right.

My Myrmidon Fire Team was geared to lay down a fair amount of heavy fire with minimal order use.  Phoenix, with his Heavy Rocket Launcher, was the main focus for fire support.  The increased burst (3) template attack would (theoretically) allow me to hit multiple targets with each shot, maximizing it’s efficiency per order used.  The other Myrms were there to lay smoke when needed and to cover corners from groups moving in.


This is how it went down (well best my memory serves):

Kip took first turn and used smoke from his Myrmidons to cover the #2 console giving his Lamedh a free run at it.  He chose #2 first because he felt the odds were the best on rolling a sequence starting with #2.  The roll stated otherwise, and the sequence started with #1 console … “Don’t ever tell me the odds kid”.  Phoenix and crew used the rest of their orders to position themselves and take out the Gao-Rael Sniper, this opened a clear lane for the Yudbot to move safely.   The rest of Group 1′s orders were spent moving the Yudbot to console #1 activating it and moving across the board to #2.  This is where Kip made his first mistake.  With his last order he chose to move the Yudbot 10 more inches to get into B2B contact with the Lamedh Rebot, instead of standing his Thorakitai fire team up (they deployed prone because of the Total Reaction HMG).  This would prove to be a huge mistake when Tom took his first active turn.

Tom started his turn by moving up and starting his activation sequence.  He then slowly moved to the other side of the board with his fireteam.  Seeing the clear lane left open by the hiding Thorakitai he chose to come on the table using Advanced Infiltration with his Gao Tarsos.  The Gao Tarsos was positioned in cover to take a couple shots at the Myrmidons left in the open.  Kip luckily won Face to Face and set up a smoke screen as a reaction.  This was not as lucky as he thought though.  The smoke screen left a wide opn lane (due to the hiding Thorakitai) for Tom to move his Gao Tarsos up and take his HMG shots at Kip’s Lamedh Rebot. The rebot went down very easily.  But, since Kip moved the Yudbot closer, the Gao Tarsos also had a wide open shot at the Yudbot!  The poor little guy didn’t last very long.  Tom used his remaining orders to position the Gao Tarsos in cover.

The Score at end of turn 1 – Tom: 2  Kip: 2

Kip started his second turn by Using his Mymidons to kill the Gao Tarsos, then positioned themselves to fire upon and kill the Chaksa w/ HMG with Phoenix’s handy Rocket launcher.  Playing it safe he then brought the Ektromoi on from his own table edge to walk up and recover the sequence from the fallen Yudbot.  The Myrmidons then used their last order to lay down a smoke cloud to cover the advance of the Ekdromoi.  Kip then spent the rest of his orders to move the Ekdromoi up to the second console, activated it, then advanced up closer to the third.

Tom continued his advance toward the second console, killing one of the Myrmidons with his Makaul on the way.  The Makaul went down in the process.   Using a great smoke screen he got to the second console and activated it.  The rest of the order were spent repositioning for defense.

The Score at the end of Turn 2 – Tom: 3  Kip: 3

Kip started his third turn by advancing the Ekdromoi both cautiously and jumping to get to the third console. Luckily there was enough space (by a hairline) for him to cautious move into contact with the third console.  He then slid over and shot the Kumotail down before cautiously moving back to cover.  The Myrmidons moved up to defense positions to cover the Ekdromoi.

Tom started his turn by laying down smoke and advancing his other Kumotail toward the fallen one.  He passed his doctor roll and the Kumtail was revived.  He then slowly picked off the Mymidons with his Ectros and Makaul.  The Makaul killed Phoenix leaving the Steel Phalanx in Loss of Lieutenant to start their final turn.

The Score after turn 3 – Tom: 3  Kip: 4

Having only two orders left, Kip just tried a desperation move with his Ekdromoi.  Jumping up to the top of the container he was hiding behind, he fired his Cain Rifle catching the Makaul and both Kumotail.  The Makaul and one of the Kumotail (the one with the sequence) fell.

At the start of Tom’s turn it was agreed upon that he didn’t have enough orders to get to his third console, so the game ended with a gentleman’s hand shake.

Final score – Tom:3  Kip: 4

Paradiso Campaign Score – Tom: 9  Kip: 4

Steel Phalanx won the day, but they are still far behind from winning chapter 1.

Stay tuned to see how Chapter one is concluded!!


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Snapshots From Hell Continued

More entries from our writing contest!

Matt Castleman

The glass cocooning my face flashes green like a phosphor spark in a sake bottle as the drop hatch snaps back and there’s nothing between me and my sky. Three. The thin, cold currents of the upper atmosphere coil around me and I give their affection back, feeling Zephyr’s caress through my insulated armor. Two. My breathing rushes and the wind rushes and my little mind punches through the brittle shell of ignorance that teaches us a distinction between the two. No distinction. Only the rush. One. Twin needle clusters nestled in my suit jab a sweetly stinging constellation into my sides. The rush becomes a monastic hum, the adrenaline spike is hammered into a sheet of mental steel that cannot crack.


My sky is my mother’s womb. It is my childhood bed, my dearest friend’s embrace, and the arms of my lover at the moment of release. Somewhere, far below, you are standing. I don’t know you. Your name, your life, your loves, don’t even occur to me. I only pity you. Not because you’ll soon be dead, for that is a blessing. I pity you because you’ve never felt my sky.

Why do we get up? So that we can fall again.

                 -Corporal Andria Mendoza-Shevchenko, IDIR of Corregidor ‘Hellcats’

Dave Stewart

 Aw shucks sir, we have wolves in the forward positions, the rear positions, the command post, the latrine, the mess hall, pretty much everywhere.  Just fire the bombardment at the base sir.  My position, sir, it won’t much matter in 5 ticks anyhow, sir. <Loud Growl Heard> Gotta go, sir. <Insert Romeo’s HMG sound>”

Last words of Communication Sergeant Walter R. O’Reilly, Ariadna outpost 4077, Northeast of Deadwood.

Aaron Skrivanek

Celestial Guardsman Tien Yi signaled his Kuang Shi squad to move forward. The convicts crossed the street on approach to the entrance of an immense parking structure. A shot rang out from above and to the right; one of the Kuang Shi collapsed to the ground, a geyser of blood spurting from his throat.

Tien Yi ordered the other three convicts to take cover in the parking structure while he hunkered down on the other side of the street. He scanned the buildings above, but was unable to determine the source of the fire.

“Convict 48219765, abandon cover and move down the middle of the street.” The Kuang Shi stood up and hesitantly moved from her pillar into the road. Tien Yi sent a signal to temporarily disable the explosive device in 48219765’s helmet.

Tien Yi scanned the buildings, waiting for the shot. A wavering image appeared 200 meters distant and a shot zipped past the Kuang Shi and ricocheted off of the street. The convict moved up the street – Tien Yi could hear her sobs coming over the radio. Another shot exposed the shooter and 48219765 fell to the ground with a chest wound from a large-caliber rifle.

The guardsman ordered his squad to open fire on the building. That mysterious, camouflaged enemy must be brought down for the glory of the empire. The resulting scream was very satisfying.

-Conflict on Paradiso, an excerpt from The Glorious Manifesto of the Yu Jing Empire


also Aaron Skrivanek

Trooper 79815 would atone for his family’s crimes. The Wu Ming Assault Corp offered him the chance to serve his Emperor rather than discard his life for the crimes of others, even those of his family. He was once one of the Emperor’s finest – a Bao trooper – and now he was a disgraced convict.

79815 shouldered his Type 92 Multi Rifle and carefully took aim at the corner of the building he was facing. He checked the range finder in his helmet – 90 meters. Flicking his selector to Armor Piercing, he leaned slightly forward on the balls of his feet. His breathing measured, he waited for the Tohaa to peek around the corner.

He did not have to wait long. As the alien’s torso emerged, 79815’s finger squeezed the trigger. No hesitation. The rifle coughed forth the Emperor’s wrath in physical form and the round tore through the alien’s chest, a spray of green ichor decorating the wall. The Tohaa slumped to the ground and seemed to deflate. It was time to move up and take the intersection, continuing the cleansing of Paradiso.

There would be more enemies this day. With every enemy death, he was that much closer to redeeming his honor and name – the honor and name his family had abandoned, but that he clung to with all of his will. 79815 would serve the Empire until his absolution…or his death.

-Conflict on Paradiso, an excerpt from The Glorious Manifesto of the Yu Jing Empire

Stu True

Adão knelt. His red visor reflected in the oil’s sheen as he applied the sign of the cross to the fusilier’s brow. “Through this holy anointing may the Lord in his love and mercy help you with the grace of the Holy Spirit.” Bloodied lips sputter. A faint “Amen” is heard.
The Daturazi had waded through four of the fusilier’s fireteam before being wrong footed by Adão’s holoecho. ‘Lord be my strength, I am your hands!’ The ionised plasma of the sword edge inverted the Morat’s innards. Like a tree branch slapping onto a still lake surface.
The Sepulchrist closed the fusilier’s eyes. He was fearless, he will be so again. “May the Lord who frees you from sin, save you and raise you up.”, Father-Captain Adão disengaged the cube from the lifeless body, storing it with care in a teseum casing.
His detachment of Teutonic brethren bowed their heads, Brother-Lieutenant Klaus spoke, ‘Their command is close Father-Captain, they drew back after these raging aliens fell.  Do we regroup at the monastery, or press the counter-attack? This Morat died before I could reach him, he dropped at the name of Christ!’
The Morat corpse twitches when the armoured boot nudges it.
Adão stood. “Christus Vincit brother. We are his hands.”
Nanoviral agents percolate through his enviro-filtration systems. The EI floods through his cube circuitry, like puppet fingers slipping on a glove. Adão gasps. His last wilful movement.
Paradiso offensive flashpoint Johanna. 100% casualties.
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